Technique Diagnosis

This package focuses on spotting specific areas of technique you need to work on. After nearly a decade of experience as a dance competition judge, Miss Anneliese has developed a keenly observant eye for detail. After observing your work at the barre, Miss Anneliese will point out specific areas where you can improve. You will receive a detailed diagnosis of your current strong as well as weaker spots.


Classes will then be tailored specifically to you, with your needs in mind. Be prepared to do your homework! Through writing worksheets you’ll be asked to complete, Miss Anneliese will ensure you understand how to best approach your technique as you progress in your training.


This package is open to all levels of ability ages 10 and up. 

Teacher Training

Teachers anywhere will greatly benefit from this package. Designed with your students and needs in mind, Miss Anneliese will help refresh your perspective and update your skills. Best part? You decide how it’s gonna go. Want technique classes with explanations as to why certain exercises were chosen? Great! Want to sit with Miss Anneliese and prepare a class together? No problem! Want to learn about one specific topic in greater detail? You got it! Want to bring your teaching difficulties and problem-solve together? You can do that, too.


At the initial meeting (a 30-minute free consultation - free of charge and future commitment) you and Miss Anneliese can decide on a course of action that works for you. Regardless, all teachers will receive worksheets and PDFs with information on anatomy, stretching, conditioning, music theory, and dance history. 


This package is open to anyone who has taught ballet for a number of years, as well as to anyone who wishes to start. Prior ballet training necessary. 

Adult Learners

Is ballet something you’ve always wanted to try and simply haven’t gotten around to? The flexibility of this package will allow you to learn the art form at your own pace, according to your schedule. Flexible cancellation policies allow for last-minute changes (as long as you let us know 12 hours in advance of the scheduled class, your class is still good for another day), providing working adults with greater flexibility.


In a completely non-judgmental setting, you will be guided through the basics of ballet and the dancing body. A fantastic way to pick an activity that’s great for your body and flexibility, but that also exercises your brain and motor skills. Through musicality, coordination, expression, and artistry, ballet will enrich your daily life.   


This package is open to anyone, anywhere, ever, who’s danced a little or not at all. An open-mind and desire to learn is all you need. 

Don't See What You Need?

Talk to us. We’re sure we can make it happen for you. Emails are answered in less than 24 hours, and even if Miss Anneliese feels she may not be the best person to help you, she will likely know someone who is. 

Cost of Time, Money, and Energy 

TIME: each package will cost you a total of 8 hours, of which 4 will be spent face-to-face with Miss Anneliese via Zoom (or Skype, or FaceTime, or WhatsApp, or literally whatever works!). The other 4 hours is the time you’re expected to spend reading, pondering, exercising, and practicing. 


MONEY: each package will cost you $225. This price drops to $192 (15% off) during promotional windows advertised on social media.   


ENERGY: I will be giving you all I have in terms of energy. You will be getting knowledge accumulated over literal decades of professional experience in one of the most competitive industries in the entertainment world. In return, I expect your full commitment and energy back. If you don’t go into this with an open-mind and willingness to learn, these packages won’t help you as much as they can. I thrive on your progress. I do this so that I can watch you improve. So yeah - be prepared to work!

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