Anneliese Kappey

+ Ballet KIT

Anneliese Kappey trained under the Royal Academy of Dance system, and graduated with Honors. She has worked with and learned from David Howard, Chet Walker, Nathan Trice, Mark Dendy, Ginger Cox, Wes Veldink, and as a member of The Repertory Ensemble at Steps on Broadway in New York City. Favorite theater credits include Velma Kelly in Chicago and Lulu in Cabaret. She attended Columbia University, and has worked as the Director of Student Programs at Steps on Broadway.


Anneliese has conceived and choreographed full-length evenings under MixTape Dance. She has served as the Company Director at The Brooklyn Dance Centers, and joined the Alvin Ailey Dance Foundation to teach Ballet Intensives. She judges for numerous national competitions, including StarQuest, Beyond the Stars, and Platinum National Competition.

Ballet KIT was founded by Anneliese Kappey in 2020. The “Kappey Instruction & Training”, or KIT, is here to help you with all things ballet. Ballet KIT is here to serve your needs in a variety of ways. 

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